Antique English Daubiere, C.1850


Step back in time to the culinary traditions of the mid-19th century with this exceptional Antique English Daubière from around 1850. Crafted with precision and care, this versatile piece is the epitome of functionality and elegance. Its sturdy construction and heavy weight make it ideal for a range of cooking techniques, from roasting chicken to braising stew and beyond.Featuring its original lid, this daubière boasts heavy brass handles that add a touch of timeless sophistication. The meticulously crafted dovetailed seams not only enhance its durability but also reflect the superior craftsmanship of the era. Inside, you'll find an interior rack, providing added convenience for your culinary endeavors.Whether you're a seasoned chef or an avid home cook, this antique daubière is sure to become a cherished companion in your kitchen. Embrace the artistry of the past as you create delicious meals with this timeless treasure that seamlessly combines functionality with vintage charm.

  • Made of copper
  • Lined with tin
  • Made in England
  • This vintage one of a kind item may have slight imperfections due to its age.
  • Dimensions:17" L x 10" W x 11" Deep


About the Antique Restored Collection


Coppermill Kitchen is dedicated to finding only unique and special copperware that has both style and a story to create new traditions. The items in this collection are sourced in historic European towns and restored by us to be used once again for generations to come.

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