Antique Pot Bellied Saucepan, C.1800”


Embrace the essence of early 19th-century English craftsmanship with this exquisite Antique Pot-Bellied Saucepan, dating back to circa 1800. This piece stands as a rare embodiment of the era's culinary heritage, crafted with an attention to detail and a dedication to quality that has withstood the test of time.The saucepan's unique pot-bellied design is not merely for aesthetics; it serves a practical purpose by enhancing heat distribution, making it perfect for the slow simmering of sauces and stews. Its hand-rolled rim is a nod to the artisanal techniques of the time, ensuring durability and providing ease of pouring. The handle, a hand-forged iron tubular masterpiece, is designed for a comfortable grip, balancing the pot's heft with ease.Perhaps the most striking feature is the saucepan’s dovetailed seams along the back and underside - a meticulous method of joining that speaks volumes of its maker's skill. This detail not only adds to the pan’s beauty and historical value but also contributes to its robustness, allowing it to be fully restored and functional once again.This Antique Pot-Bellied Saucepan is a tangible piece of history, a relic from the early 1800s that has been carefully preserved to bring the rich culinary traditions of England into the modern kitchen. It’s a collector’s dream, offering both the practicality of everyday use and the allure of antique charm.For those who cherish the art of cooking as much as the stories behind their tools, this saucepan is more than a kitchen utensil; it’s a heirloom that carries the legacy of a bygone era, ready to inspire your cuisine and adorn your home with its timeless elegance.


  • Made of Copper
  • Care instructions included with item
  • Made In England
  • This vintage item is one-of-a-kind and may have slight imperfections due to its age
  • Dimensions: 5.25"Diameter x 5.25"Deep 

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