CMK Vintage Inspired Baking Pan


Inspiration struck when I encountered a French antique baking dish two years ago, a piece so captivating in its design and functionality that, after parting with it to a dear friend, I was compelled to recreate its essence for others to enjoy. This led to the creation of our Vintage Inspired Baking Pan, a homage to the original's exquisite craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic. What particularly drew me to the antique was the elegance of its copper flanges and the practical beauty of the copper rings serving as handles on each side, not to mention the dish's soft, rounded corners that spoke of countless meals and memories baked within. Our rendition of this cherished design incorporates these defining features, making each pan not only a tool for baking but a piece of art in its own right.

We've spared no effort in bringing this vision to life, ensuring that each baking pan in our collection mirrors the quality and charm of the antique that inspired it. Crafted from a heavy gauge of copper, our pans promise exceptional heat conductivity and durability, while the tin lining guarantees a pure, uncontaminated taste in every bite. The addition of our logo, stamped on one side of the pan, signifies our commitment to excellence and our pride in these creations. Whether used for baking your favorite dishes or simply displayed as a testament to fine craftsmanship, our Vintage Inspired Baking Pans are designed to be cherished and used for generations, turning every baking endeavor into an opportunity to create new traditions and memories.

  • Dimensions: 9.5"
  • Square Lined with tin
  • Made In Italy
  • Care instructions come with the piece
  • Made of Copper


About Coppermill Kitchen
Coppermill Kitchen marries vintage character and modern luxury to produce pieces with a timeless style and functionality. Designed with an expert eye for detail, each piece has a story to tell and will be cherished for generations to come.

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