CMK Vintage Inspired French Tea Strainer


Rediscover the elegance of traditional tea time with our Vintage Inspired French Tea Strainer, a piece that captures the essence of French culinary antiques. After stumbling upon a charming strainer during our travels in France, we were inspired to bring this classic design back to life. Crafted from solid copper, this tea strainer is not just a tool but a piece of art. Its tin interior lining ensures that the flavor of your tea remains pure and unaltered, while the exterior boasts a lustrous shine that only copper can provide. The handle is a masterpiece in itself, featuring a beautifully intricate copper cut design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making this strainer a distinguished addition to your tea service.

This Vintage Inspired French Tea Strainer is a nod to the past, embodying the timeless tradition of tea drinking with a touch of sophistication. Whether you're a tea aficionado or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this tea strainer offers a unique blend of functionality, beauty, and history. It's perfect for those moments when you want to slow down and savor the ritual of tea brewing, serving as a reminder of the elegance and artistry that go into the creation of each cup. Let this exquisite piece transport you to a bygone era of grace and luxury every time you steep your favorite blend.


  • Care instructions included with item
  •  Dimensions : 7.5"L x 3.5" Diameter


About Coppermill Kitchen
Coppermill Kitchen marries vintage character and modern luxury to produce pieces with a timeless style and functionality. Designed with an expert eye for detail, each piece has a story to tell and will be cherished for generations to come.


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