CMK Vintage Inspired Cocktail Tumblers (Set of 4)


Elevate your home bar to a realm of sophistication with Coppermill Kitchen's Vintage Inspired Cocktail Tumblers, thoughtfully designed to complement our exquisite shaker and jigger. Drawing inspiration from the classic elegance of the mint julep cup, we've tailored these tumblers to seamlessly align with the aesthetic of our barware collection. The transformation of the foot to echo our cocktail shaker's design and the addition of two bands of the engine turn pattern around each tumbler ensure a cohesive and refined look across all pieces. This design initiative was inspired by an authentic ELKINGTON & CO Art Deco artifact from the 1900s, beautifully blending historic allure with Coppermill Kitchen's signature style.

Crafted for aficionados of both mixology and vintage-inspired elegance, Coppermill Kitchen's cocktail tumblers are not just drinkware—they're a celebration of craftsmanship and heritage. These tumblers enhance the drinking experience, whether you're savoring a meticulously crafted cocktail or a simple, neat spirit. The distinctive engine turn pattern is not only a visual delight but also adds a tactile dimension that enriches the grip, making each sip a pleasure. Complete your collection with these Vintage Inspired Cocktail Tumblers from Coppermill Kitchen, and let the timeless beauty of our barware set the stage for unforgettable moments and exquisite drinks.


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  • Sold as a Set of 4 or a Set of 8
  • Dimensions: 3.25" Diameter x 4"
  • Made of Copper


About Coppermill Kitchen
Coppermill Kitchen marries vintage character and modern luxury to produce pieces with a timeless style and functionality. Designed with an expert eye for detail, each piece has a story to tell and will be cherished for generations to come.

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