Antique French Heavy Saucepan, C.1880


Step back in time with this luxurious and heavy-duty saucepan from circa 1880, a pinnacle of French culinary craftsmanship. This antique piece stands out for its robust quality, crafted from a thick gauge of copper that promises not just durability but also exceptional heat distribution for your cooking needs.Designed with the serious chef and the antique enthusiast in mind, this saucepan features heavy forged iron handles, complete with a distinctive keyhole detail. This thoughtful design not only ensures a firm grip during use but also doubles as an elegant solution for displaying and hanging the saucepan, making it a striking addition to any kitchen's decor.The saucepan comes with an overlapping lid, a classic feature that seals in flavors and ensures even cooking. Fully restored to its original splendor, this saucepan is ready to be a functional part of your cooking repertoire or a cherished display piece that speaks volumes of its rich history.Owning this Antique French Heavy Saucepan is an opportunity to celebrate the art of cooking with a piece that has withstood the test of time. It's more than a cooking utensil; it's a slice of culinary history, ready to bring its legacy of French craftsmanship and timeless elegance into your home.


  • Made of Copper
  • Tin Lined
  • Care instructions included with item
  • Made In France
  • This vintage item is one-of-a-kind and may have slight imperfections due to its age
  • Dimensions: 8"Diameter x 4.25"Deep x 15"L with handles

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