Antique French Mixing Bowl, C.1800


Discover the epitome of artisan skill with this Antique French Mixing Bowl from circa 1800, a piece that exemplifies the beauty and functionality of traditional craftsmanship. This bowl is not merely a kitchen utensil but a piece of history, entirely handmade and designed to serve both as a functional kitchen workhorse and a stunning display piece.Crafted from a very heavy gauge copper, this mixing bowl boasts durability and a weight that speaks to its quality. The hand-hammered pattern across its surface is not just a testament to its artisanal creation but also adds a unique texture that enhances its aesthetic appeal. This feature, coupled with the thick, hand-cut copper handles, embodies the meticulous work and attention to detail that went into its creation.One of the most striking features of this bowl is its very large, unique hand-rolled copper rivets, a design choice that not only secures the handles with unmatched strength but also contributes to the bowl's rustic charm. The thick rolled rim enhances its durability and provides a comfortable grip, making it ideal for vigorous mixing tasks.As a functional piece, this bowl stands ready to tackle any culinary challenge, embodying the essence of a bygone era where kitchenware was built to last. Yet, its beauty and craftsmanship ensure it hangs beautifully as a piece of decor when not in use, offering a glimpse into the past and a touch of antique elegance to your kitchen.This Antique French Mixing Bowl from circa 1800 is more than a utensil; it's a symbol of enduring craftsmanship and a bridge to the culinary traditions of the past. Whether you're mixing, displaying, or simply admiring, this bowl brings a piece of French heritage and the excellence of handmade artistry into your home.


  • Made of Copper
  • Care instructions included with item
  • Made In France
  • This vintage item is one-of-a-kind and may have slight imperfections due to its age
  • Dimensions: 11.5"Diameter x 5.5"Deep x 16"W with handles

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