Antique William Soutter Teapot, C.1850


Crafted in the 1850s by the distinguished William Soutter, known for his exceptional kettle craftsmanship, this teapot stands as a unique emblem of the era's finesse. It carries Soutter's hallmark and the "B" mark for Birmingham, encapsulating its rich heritage. The "GILL 4" inscription further highlights its practical elegance by denoting capacity, making it a rare find. This teapot isn't just a utilitarian object; it's a collector's jewel that seamlessly merges functionality with the unparalleled charm of Victorian craftsmanship.


  • Made of Copper
  • Care instructions included with item
  • Made In England
  • This vintage item is one-of-a-kind and may have slight imperfections due to its age
  • Dimensions: 9.5” W x 6.25” H
  • Capacity: 2L
Coppermill Kitchen is dedicated to finding only unique and special copperware that has both the charm and a story to tell for generations to come.

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