CMK Vintage Inspired Copper Large Pitcher


Immerse yourself in the elegance of 19th-century French design with our Vintage Inspired Copper Large Pitcher. This stunning piece draws its inspiration from a fluted ironstone pitcher, a gem that we were fortunate enough to discover and knew it would look breathtaking in copper. True to our vision, this pitcher has been meticulously handcrafted, featuring a mesmerizing fluted pattern that encircles its body, lending it a texture and depth that catches the eye. Complemented by a robust brass handle, this pitcher is not just a functional item but a piece of art that brings a sophisticated charm to any setting. Its unique character and handmade quality ensure that it adds a special touch of elegance, whether it's serving refreshments at a cozy dinner or acting as a centerpiece filled with your favorite blooms.

Not only does this exquisite copper pitcher stand out for its beauty and craftsmanship, but it also offers versatility as a delightful accent in any room of your home. From the kitchen to the dining room, its warm copper tones and vintage-inspired design enhance the ambiance, making every moment feel a bit more special. For those who adore the style but are looking for something on a smaller scale, we also offer this copper pitcher in a smaller size, ensuring that there's a perfect match for every space and occasion. Whether used for serving, decorating, or as a cherished heirloom, our Vintage Inspired Copper Large Pitcher is a testament to timeless beauty and functionality, designed to be loved and admired for years to come.


* Dimensions: 8.25"W with handle x 8"Tall

* Care instructions come with your purchase


About Coppermill Kitchen

Coppermill Kitchen marries vintage character and modern luxury to produce pieces with a timeless style and functionality. Designed with an expert eye for detail, each piece has a story to tell and will be cherished for generations to come..

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